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The ICBCHE contributes to the resolution of many of the problems that adversely affect the educational status of Black people through consolidated and coordinated efforts. Its overall goal is the enhancement of education and employment opportunities for Black people in Illinois. To achieve this goal, the following objectives have been identified:


  • Establish a network to gather and share information about the role and status of Black people in all aspects of Illinois education.

  • Retain Black faculty, staff, and students in the educational system.

  • Improve the climate for Black faculty, staff, and students on predominantly white campuses.

  • Identify issues and concerns, formulate and share recommendations, and implement strategies for change.

  • Monitor and evaluate institutional and system-wide efforts to accomplish goals and assess their effectiveness.

  • Conduct conferences and workshops for educational training and the development of strategies to enhance the status of Black people in higher education.

  • Develop statewide task forces to create and implement strategies that increase and enhance black participation in teacher education programs and legislative activities.



Despite significant gains achieved during the late 1960′s and early 1970′s, the number of Black students, faculty members, and staff in higher education has been gradually declining. The Illinois Committee on Black Concerns in Higher Education (ICBCHE) was formed in 1982 with the intent of consolidating and coordinating efforts toward monitoring, halting, and reversing this adverse trend.  The ICBCHE is viewed as a progressive organization pledged to address a multitude of pressing issues confronting Black people on college campuses. ICBCHE is primarily composed of people who are involved in, and concerned with, various facets of post-secondary education. Membership encompasses the faculty, staff, students, and administrators of public and private educational institutions, legislators, and others who embrace the ICBCHE vision.

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