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The ICBCHE Voices Newsletter

The ICBCHE Voices Newsletter is published twice a year, and provides information regarding:


  • ICBCHE sponsored events

  • ICBCHE business

  • News of interest to our membership

  • Accomplishments of our members

  • Diversity issues in higher education

  • and much more….


Let your Voice Be Heard!

We are currently accepting articles on topics, issues and initiatives related to African American faculty, staff, and student experiences in higher education. Articles should be approximately 500 words or less and may be edited for

clarity and length.


Articles should be submitted as e-­mail attachments in MS Word format to

ICBCHE Newsletter Editor Dr. Melvin C. Terrell ( or Co-­Editor Michelle Morrow (


Please contact the editors for submission deadlines.

The ICBCHE Journal

The ICBCHE Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that promotes critical analysis among scholars and policymakers on issues affecting African American faculty, staff and students in higher education, particularly within the state of Illinois. The mission of the ICBCHE Journal is to provide an outlet for research and scholarship on issues pertinent to Blacks in higher education.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to the following (other related topics are welcome):


  • Information about the role and status of Black people in all aspects of Illinois Education.

  • The retention of Black faculty, staff, and students in the education system.

  • Improvement of the climate for Black faculty, staff, and students on predominantly white campuses.

  • Evaluation of strategies for change.

  • How institutions are monitored and evaluated.

  • System-wide efforts that have been applied to accomplish goals and assess their effectiveness.

  • Programs that have been implemented for educational training and the development of strategies to enhance the status of Black people in education.

  • Current teacher education programs.

  • Recent legislative activities.


Both qualitative and quantitative manuscripts relating to current original research, replicated studies, research reviews, and theoretical pieces will be considered. 


Click to download manuscript submission guidelines

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